Information and Eligibility for Prescription Refills

The online refill option is intended to expedite obtaining prescription refills.

Am I eligible for a refill?

You are eligible to receive a refill when:
• an existing prescription is on record at the Pharmacy;
• the prescription is still valid; and
• there is at least one remaining authorized refill available (please check prescription label to be sure)

This does not include medications you have had in the past that you want to begin taking again but which have not been currently prescribed for you.

What if I have an existing medication but no refills left?

If you are taking a medication regularly but have no refills, you will need to request a renewal of prescription.

If you are not sure whether you have refills, complete the prescription refill form, and the pharmacy will contact you to either pick up the prescription or inform you that you need a new prescription.

Proceed Please click "Proceed" button to start your request.

Instructions for first time user:

Step 1

After sign on, click "Messages" at the left side bar.


Step 2

Click on "New Messages" button.


Step 3

Check "Online Prescription Refills" and click on "Continue" button.