LiveWell Programs

Listed here are workshops and programs offered by Student Health and our Wellness Partners on campus (Livewell, The Zone, Counseling & Psychological Services; Recreation; and the Sexual Assault Resource Center).


Please note, most of these programs are available weeks 2-10 of Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.

  • Healthy Weight Management: every Thursday, 3:30-4:15 p.m. in Student Health Conference Rm 207.
    A dietitian and a psychologist facilitate weekly meetings that focus on diet, exercise and behavior modification. A free service to UCSD Students - no appointment is needed!
  • FITStop: every Monday and Wednesday 7-9 p.m. at RIMAC.
    A personal fitness assessment that compares your fitness to others in the same age group. The assessment is done by trained Student Health Advocates. Special equipment and exercises are used to measure blood pressure, heart rate, percent of body fat, vital capacity, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, abdominal strength and upper body strength. The four specific categories measured are: cardiovascular health, muscular strength and endurance, body weight and composition, and flexibility. Read more here.
  • Personal Wellness Program:
    A 10-week program consisting of an initial physical fitness assessment, evaluations with UCSD Recreation personal trainers, 8 weeks of small group fitness training, and a follow-up fitness profile for your long term fitness program. This program is free of charge to UCSD students, and is sponsored by Student Health and UCSD Recreation.  Get more information on the UCSD Recreation page.

Peer Education Programs

Student Health Advocates provide a variety of interactive, fun programs focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Following is a partial list of programs offered for student orgs, res halls, etc. All programs are free of charge, and usually run about one hour.

Contact or call (858) 534-1824 to speak with the Student Health Advocate Coordinator.

  • Life in the Stress Lane
    Students will learn a variety of ways to handle stress! SHAs will accomplish this by taking students through a series of fun activities and a group discussion.
  • Nutrition Jeopardy
    Ever wonder what type of fat raises good cholesterol? Students will have fun playing the famous TV game show while learning valuable nutrition information.
  • Cooking with SHAs
    Learn how to cook quick and inexpensive meals. Includes a cooking demonstration and delicious samples, plus healthy recipes to take home with you.
  • Sleepless at UCSD
    Do you find yourself dozing off in class? This program contains fun activities and valuable information for getting a good nights sleep.
  • Get Movin' at UCSD
    Get acquainted with all the exercise opportunities on and off campus in this fun, interactive outreach!
  • Freshman 15: Fact or Fiction?
    Don't have time to go to the gym? Would you like to learn more about exercise and nutrition? This interactive program shows students how to incorporate these two components while adjusting to college life.
  • Be a Friend - Save a Life
    Whether you are a drinker or non-drinker, find out how to party safely, what alcohol does to the body, and how to help a friend.

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