Student Health Advocate Outreach Programs

How to Request an Outreach Program:

  1. Browse the list of FREE outreach programs and select one that fits your group's needs. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know what topic you want covered and we can work with you to create a program that fits your needs.
  2. Visit and select "Request an SHA Outreach Program".
  3. Complete the form and submit. You will be contacted in a few days.
  4. Questions? Contact Erica Okamura, Health Education Coordinator at, or (858) 534-1824.


Alcohol Jeopardy Learn about alcohol facts, alcohol effects, alcohol & college life, plus more in this fun & interactive game modeled after the famous TV show (also available for marijuana, hookah & other drugs).

Be a Friend ... Save a Life Whether you are a drinker or a non-drinker, find out how to party safer, what alcohol does to your body, and how to help a friend.

CARRS: College Alcohol Risk Reduction Seminar This fast-paced, interactive presentation looks at college students and the use of alcohol. Explore ways to improve your decision-making in any scenario while learning how to party safely. Understand what alcohol does to your body, how behavior is affected, and what resources we have on campus to help.

Energy Drinks & Alcohol Discover more about the interaction between energy drinks & alcohol - the facts may surprise you. Learn about BAC & your behavior regardless of what you are mixing with alcohol.

Hookah: Hype or Hoax? An old tradition with a new flair. Find out what is in the tobacco used for the hookah & the issue of second hand smoke.

Marijuana: Fact or Fiction? An interactive program looking at all the facts about marijuana.

What's in a Drink? Let's see what a drink really is. We'll make our favorite mocktails & measure how drinks are made. You can truly visualize how alcohol affects you.


The Resources and Relaxation (R&R) Squad is a group of trained peer educators from the Health, Recreation and Well-being Cluster. The R&R Squad provides free 4-5 minute low intensity neck, back, shoulders and arm/hand rubs. Invite the R&R Squad to your next event! E-mail the squad at:

Body BFF Explore & discuss media's influences on body image, how to be a supportive friend, & discover ways to love your body & treat it well. Co-presented with CAPS Wellness Peer Educators (available beginning Winter quarter 2013).

Cooking with SHAs One of our most popular programs! Learn how to cook a quick & inexpensive meal while learning about key nutrition facts. This program includes a cooking demo plus healthy recipes to take home with you. Please note requestors must provide cooking space, cooking materials, & ingredients.

Get Movin' at UCSD In this fun & interactive program, students will learn how to incorporate exercise into their day even if time is scarce.

Life in the Stress Lane Students will learn a variety of healthy ways to handle stress through a series of fun activities & group discussions.

Nutrition Jeopardy Ever wonder what type of fat raises good cholesterol? Why is it important to get enough fiber? Get these questions & more answered by playing the fun & famous TV game show centered on nutrition information.

Sleepless at UCSD This program contains fun activities & valuable information for getting a good night's sleep.


HPV Demystified Learn to separate myth from fact about the very common sexually transmitted infection (STI) known as human papillomavirus (HPV).

Let's Talk About Sex This program provides an opportunity to have an informal conversation on topics ranging from how to define virginity, sex & relationships, pleasure, & more.

Not the Same Old Sex Talk Looking for a fun & interactive way to learn about safer sex? Need some tips on how to talk to your partner about getting tested or using protection? If so, this outreach is for you!

Sexual Health Information Session A comprehensive presentation on contraception & STIs that includes must-know information for everyone.

Sexual Jeopardy Modeled after the TV game show, this fast-paced & entertaining activity will help everyone learn essential sexual health information.