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Student Health is part of the Well-being Cluster which is comprised of Student Health Services (SHS), Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Recreation, and C.A.R.E.(SARC).

This "Well-being" Cluster supports students in achieving a more balanced and healthy lifestyle by using a collaborative and holistic approach. Learn more about the variety of well-being programs at

The Zone in the Price Center is a collaborative space for Student Well-being programming and resources. The Zone's programs are free and designed to introduce resources and build skills for students to flourish.

Alcohol Education for Students

What Student Health Services is doing

Student Health Services strongly supports a risk reduction philosophy and the implementation of policies and programs that attempt to curb alcohol and other drug (ATOD)use and its associated negative consequences.


The comprehensive prevention approach that UCSD implements follows the Public Health Model of prevention by looking at combined strategies aimed at changing the physical, social, legal, and economic environments on campus and in surrounding communities. This environmental management approach recognizes that student behavior is influenced at multiple levels: personal, peer, institutional, community and public policy.

AOD Activities include:

  • Recruitment and training of peers
  • Training RAs and HAs
  • Curriculum development
  • ATOD surveys
  • Policy review and implementation
  • Workshops
  • Tabling at all Bear Gardens
  • Tabling at all major Health and Safety events

AOD Collaborations:

  • UCSD AOD Committee/Meetings
  • San Diego Alcohol Policy Panel
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force
  • RADD
  • Liaison to the Colleges

If you have questions or concerns, e-mail us or call a Health Educator at (858) 534-3874.

Below are some important reminders you may find helpful. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Student Health Services staff by phone (858) 534-3300, or email

TB Screening - It's Required!

The health of the individual can affect the health of the campus community. UCSD is committed to protecting the health and well-being of all our students. In order to protect the campus from communicable diseases, screenings are part of the admission process for all new and returning students.

All students are required to complete the online TB Screening Questionnaire (refer to the information on our home page).

If the TB Screening Questionnaire shows the student is positive for TB risk, he/she will need to have testing done and submit the TB Assessment form by the deadline.

Please note: the student will not be able to register for classes until he/she has fullfilled this requirement.

Student Health Services

All registered students, regardless of insurance, are eligible for SHS care. Please encourage your student to use SHS - we provide a relaxed, friendly environment so that all students feel comfortable coming to us for help. Our providers love working with the students and are experienced in health issues specific to this age group. Even if your student waives out of SHIP, he/she is still eligible to use SHS for their basic health care. Some charges are incurred for specific services without SHIP, but these charges are modest. Read more about Cost of Services here.

If your student is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign a "Consent for Medical Treatment" form before the student can be seen at Student Health. You can download the consent form, sign it, and fax it to our Medical Records Department at (858) 534-7545. Read about other requirements if your child is under 18 years of age here.

UC SHIP - The Best Health Insurance Option You Can Find

Undergraduate and graduate students at UC San Diego can receive coverage through the UC system-wide insurance plan. The benefit structure is tremendous - all primary care visits, routine immunizations and lab tests at Student Health are completely covered by the plan. This means that your student will have no out-of-pocket costs for appointments, labwork or routine immunizations obtained at Student Health Services.

Compare that to the cost for a visit with a doctor or nurse practitioner, labs and immunizations for a student without SHIP which can easily exceed $100. This plan also provides up to 90% coverage for students who are referred to UCSD Medical Center specialists and facilities with no annual deductible. Co-pays and coinsurance do apply.

Students who waive out of UC SHIP can reduce the cost of using SHS by purchasing RAFT. For just $55.00 per quarter, RAFT gives waived students the convenience of care on-campus at SHS throughout the academic quarters (summer excluded). RAFT provides scheduled visits, in-house laboratory services and x-ray services at no additional cost when rendered at UCSD SHS.

If you plan to waive out of SHIP, please take a moment to read about transferring your insurance coverage to San Diego.

Quarterly premiums are only $611.00 for undergraduates and $1138.00 for graduate students. Remember that your student will be automatically enrolled in UC SHIP unless they waive out. There is a waiver deadline each quarter (read more here). For more information about plan benefits, fees and the waiver procedure, please visit the SHS Insurance Page.

Read SHIP waiver information in Spanish.

Read SHIP waiver information in Chinese.

Immunization Updates

The University of California is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our stuents. Therefore, all of the UC campuses are implementing procedures to ensure that students are educated about and receive vaccinations to prevent potentially serious and contagious diseases.

All incoming students are required to review the UC Immunization Recommendations:

Starting Fall 2016, all incoming stuents will be required to receive vaccinations per California Department of Public Health recommendations.

Meningitis: The CDC recently updated recommendations to include a booster shot to protect from infection. While meningococcal meningitis is rare, it is very serious and can be fatal. We strongly recommend that your student be immunized. If your student was vaccinated once before age 16, and they are currently 21 or younger, the recommendation is to receive a booster. For more information, visit the CDC Web site.

Pertussis: There has been a lot of information in the news regarding the pertussis outbreak that has affected California, and San Diego in particular. We strongly recommend that your student receive the Tdap vaccine. This vaccine is available in our Nurses Clinic. See chart for fees.

Flu: Student Health Services provides flu vaccination through our Nurses Clinic. Flu shots are free to students with SHIP, and will be provided at low cost to students with other insurance.

We recommend all students have some basic cold & flu items on hand, such as a digital thermometer, acetaminophen, hand sanitizer, cough syrup, cough lozenges, etc. These items are available at Student Health at very reasonable cost.

Personal Healthcare Providers

Student Health Services offers a personal "Primary Care Provider" model of service. Photos and bios can be seen at the link above, "About Us". We strive to better know and be able to serve your student and address his/her wellness needs. Not only does this improve the continuity of care, but other preventive health and well-being issues can be better addressed.

UC Smoke-Free by September, 2013

University of California President Yudof announced that all University of California campuses must make plans to be Smoke-free by January 2014. Our campus will became smoke-free on September 1, 2013. For students that are smokers, Student Health Services can help them quit. Students can make an appointment (858-534-5571) for individual smoking cessation counseling. We also supply smoking cessation aides.

If phone counseling is preferred, students can call the California Smokers' Helpline at (800) NO BUTTS. Read more about UC San Diego's Smoke-Free efforts.

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