Summer Hours are listed here.

For after-hours advice, call the main phone number (858) 534-3300 and select the "Advice Nurse" option.

The Student Health Pharmacy is available to all registered students. Prescriptions from SHS providers, consultants, and personal physicians may be filled at discount prices. Patients can refill existing prescriptions online. Students with SHIP insurance maximize their pharmacy benefit by using the SHS Pharmacy.

Emergency Contraception

ECP is available without a prescription at the SHS Pharmacy. The cost is approximately $19.95 plus tax.


Over-the-counter items such as cough and cold remedies, first aid supplies, lotions, ointments, contraceptives, and contact lens products are for sale at reduced prices. See a list of OTC products and prices here.

Drug Formulary

You can view the Drug Formulary provided here in coordination with Anthem Blue Cross, the UC SHIP carrier. As there may be some availability exceptions, please call and speak with one of our pharmacists if you have questions (858) 534-2135.

Volunteer Positions

The SHS Pharmacy has some volunteer opportunities for students.


If you need assistance, call (858) 534-2135.