Medical Excuse Policy
By: 2/1/2013 12:00:00 AM

UCSD Student Health Services:  MEDICAL EXCUSE POLICY

Academic Year 2013-2014                       

Dear Professor,

Last year, the UCSD Student Health Services had over 48,000 patient encounters.  This high utilization is expected to continue and may impact access to care unless some types of visits are limited.  Many common illnesses and injuries do not require care by a medical professional.  For example, sore throat, cold symptoms, or mild gastrointestinal illnesses are often best cared for by rest and self-care at home.  Visiting Student Health Services solely to obtain documentation of illness uses valuable appointment time, and potentially exposes others to their illnesses.

Therefore, in an effort to maintain sufficient availability of Same Day appointments and Urgent Care visits for those whose illness requires medical intervention, we will no longer provide “medical excuses” except under extreme circumstances (i.e. severe, prolonged illness that necessitates dropping a class or obtaining specific accommodations for class/lab participation, test taking or make-up).

UCSD Student Health Services recognizes that students are often unsure about when they should come in for care, and we encourage anyone with mild illness or injury to access our on-line health screens at or to call Urgent Care at 858-534-3302 and ask to speak with a triage nurse, if they would like assistance in determining how to best care for their illness or injury.

 We appreciate your cooperation and concern for the well-being of our students.


 Karen Calfas, Ph. D., Executive Director

Student Health and Well-being