How to Schedule an Appointment & Choose a Provider
By: admin 9/21/2012 12:00:00 AM

To give you  more personal service, we are asking all students to choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP) , and call their group directly to schedule appointments. If you don't already have a PCP- you can chose one by calling (858) 534-8089. See "About Us"  for profiles of our physician and nurse practitioner staff.

Remember to allow about one hour at SHS clinic for check in, visit with provider, any labs, xray, or pharmacy items.

Here are our provider locations:

Group 1 (858) 534-2918

Joe Behymer, MD

Regina Connell, MD

Eric Skoblar, MD (no longer accepting new patients) 

Bonnie O'Meara, NP

Debbie Pearson, NP (no longer accepting new patients)

Travel Clinic

Group 2 (858) 822-5926

Amol Doshi, MD

Judy Gaspar, NP

Monica Garcia, NP

Christine McNamara, RD

Group 3 (858) 534-5571

Charles Maletz, MD

Steve Cowgill, MD (no longer accepting new patients)

Stacie San Miguel, MD (no longer accepting new patients)

Rosalyn Allina, LCSW

Scott Hanson, PhD (schedule via CAPS)

Group 4 (858) 534- 2669

Cristen Wall, MD

Suzanne Ward, NP (Women's Health only)

Jan Pertschuk, NP