How to Schedule an Appointment & Choose a Provider
By: admin 9/21/2012 12:00:00 AM

To give you  more personal service, we are asking all students to choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP) , and call their group directly to schedule appointments. If you don't already have a PCP- you can chose one via our On-line Services, or by calling (858) 534-8089. See "About Us"  for profiles of our physician and nurse practitioner staff.

Here are our provider locations:

Group 1 (858) 534-2918

Bonnie O'Meara, NP

Jan Pertschuk, NP

Debbie Pearson, NP

Anne Stein, RN (Travel)

Group 2 (858) 822-5926

Amol Doshi, MD

Judy Gaspar, NP

Monica Garcia, NP

Christine McNamara, RD

Group 3 (858) 534-5571

Charles Maletz, MD

Steve Cowgill, MD

Jill Ballard, NP

Scott Hanson, PhD (schedule via CAPS)

Group 4 (858) 534- 2669

Stacie San Miguel, MD

Cristen Wall, MD

Suzanne Ward, NP (Women's Health only)