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The Benefits of RAFT

Prescription Drugs

  • Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs - Is using Adderall or Ritalin really the smartest path to being successful in college? Many students are not aware of the negative implications non-medical use of prescription drugs can have on them and their future. Check out this informative video:

The Smartest Path (MAC or Windows) - click "play"

Travel Abroad

  • Know Before You Go: Health and Safety Precautions for Students Planning to Study Abroad.

Flu Season!

Sexual Health Videos

Links to Other Videos and Self Assessments

UCSD to go Smoke and Tobacco Free by Sept 1, 2013.

Quit Smoking! 1-800-NO BUTTS

Can I Get a Light?

FitLife Exercise Videos

How Pregnancy Happens

Hepatitis B
A PowerPoint presentation by the Centers for Disease Control.