Well-being Cluster Student Advisory Board


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2013-2014 Members

Name Affiliation E-mail
Stephanie Bailey, Co-Chair SHS/SHAs Cluster Rep srowe@ucsd.edu
Charlotte Chiu, Co-Chair Muir College cbchiu@ucsd.edu
Justin Ellsworth ERC College jtellswo@ucsd.edu
Katerina Zorko Revelle College kzorko@ucsd.edu
Kelvin Nguyen Marshall College kkn019@ucsd.edu
Christie Morishige Sixth College cmorishi@ucsd.edu
Bryant Lim AS Rep b7lim@ucsd.edu
Yinan (Ee) Zheng International girlzhengyinan@gmail.com
Satya Naageshwaran Warren College snaagesh@ucsd.edu
Dalena Nguyen Member-at-Large dtn023@ucsd.edu
Kyle Conway School of Medicine kconway@ucsd.edu
Kevin Vu GSA khn003@mail.ucsd.edu
Gregory Goldgof GSA ggoldgof@ucsd.edu
Paola Arroyo CAPS Cluster Peer parroyo@ucsd.edu
Kit Wong Village r3wong@ucsd.edu
Lorena Gonzalez Member-at-Large lcg001@ucsd.edu
Alexander Baker Active Minds a3baker@ucsd.edu

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2013-2014 Minutes

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*Wellness is an expanded idea of health. Wellness is the pursuit of optimal health, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, financial, social, and environmental well-being.

The following is taken from Sabina White's (UCSB) draft "White Paper: Wellness and Mental Health, Tier 3 Wellness Interventions":

**Wellness is defined as frequent positive affect, high life satisfaction, and infrequent negative affect (Lyubomirsky, Sheldon, and Schkade, 2005). Thus wellness interventions are those strategies that benefit students by decreasing negative affect and increasing positive affect and life satisfaction. Wellness interventions are those that enhance the mental and physical health of students at the University of California through positive engagement. Positive engagement involves connecting students to campus and community resources that help students enhance their well-being.