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Health Alerts

Reporting Outside Positive COVID-19 Tests

If you tested positive outside of UC San Diego, students should send results to and employees should send results to More info is available on the Return to Learn website.

Booster Appointments

Appointments for Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine boosters are now available for all students. To remain “fully vaccinated,” students and campus employees are required to receive all recommended booster doses within 30 days (15 days for health care employees) of becoming eligible.

The CDC has authorized a mix-and-match approach, so you can select which brand of booster vaccine you want while scheduling your appointment. Currently, UC San Diego Health is offering all approved boosters.

Booster Eligibility:

  • Pfizer vaccine booster: must be 6 months or more since you completed your two-dose regimen of Pfizer vaccine.
  • Moderna vaccine booster: must be 6 months or more since you completed your two-dose regimen of Moderna vaccine.
  • Johnson & Johnson vaccine booster: must be 2 months or more since you completed your initial dose of J&J.


  • Drive-up appointment at La Jolla
  • Drive-up appointment at Hillcrest Medical Center
  • Price Center campus clinic (appointments starting Nov. 15)

Scheduling Instructions:

Students may schedule an appointment at

Flu & Tdap Clinics

UCSD Campus has decided that as long as students receive the vaccine before the end of the 2021 Fall Quarter there will be no academic penalty. There are no holds.

Self-scheduling is now live in MyStudentChart for our Flu & Tdap Clinics:

Location: Price Center - Ballroom East

To find appointment availability and self-schedule:

MyStudentChart > VISITS > SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT > SHS: FLU VACCINE (includes Tdap vaccines)


  • Influenza Vaccine - The flu vaccine is free to all UC San Diego Students. There is no charge for the vaccine for any UC San Diego students.
  • Tdap Vaccine - $55

Vaccine information statement(s) to read prior to the appointment:

If you received your influenza vaccine outside of UCSD, here is how you can attest in MyStudentChart:

  1. Go to Preventative Care from Menu/Front Page
  2. Find Influenza and Mark as Complete and add a date

Instructions with screenshots (PDF)

Students may also complete the Declination form on the Return to Learn Website.

Individuals who choose to decline will be required to wear masks or face coverings at UC locations through the end of the flu season, even if COVID-19 requirements are loosened.

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Check your status:

To check if you have completed the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, go to:


If the COVID-19 vaccine is Overdue, you need to submit your COVID-19 vaccine information.

If the COVID-19 vaccine is Not due, you have completed the requirement.

Validate non-UCSD vaccine dates:

For COVID-19 vaccines that have been previously entered or received outside of UCSD, go to MyStudentChart to validate your vaccine dates:


Need help?

If you need any assistance, send a MyStudentChart message to Ask-A-Nurse.