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Travel Clinic

Services Offered at Student Healthtravel-grassy-field_edit.png

Complete travel packages including:

  • International travel consultations with trained medical providers, personalized for you.
  • Travel immunization review - determination of current required and recommended immunizations base on your itinerary and trip activities.
  • Travel vaccine certifications (required for entry by some countries)
  • Prescriptions needed for prophylaxis including malaria, altitude medication, typhoid, and others.
  • Physical exam and clearance with form completion for specific travel programs.
  • Advice on prevention illnesses, safety concern about food, drink and recreation.
  • Country specific computerized report on geography and climate, disease risks, travel advisories for political and social concerns.
  • US Embassy locations, telephone and fax numbers

Step 1: Immunizations

As a requirement of the Travel Program, all students must obtain their immunization (vaccination) records and bring a copy to the travel appointment. Obtain your immunization records from your parents, pediatrician, and/or your high school. If you need additional immunizations or vaccinations, you can obtain those at the SHS Nurses' Clinic by appointment.

Step 2: Making an Appointmenttravel_suitcase_edit.jpg

  1. If you are under the care of a therapist, psychiatrist and/or a specialist. You must have travel clearance from them prior to your general clearance. If you come to your student health general clearance appointment without obtaining clearance from your specialist, therapist or psychiatrist, your clearance will be on hold until you do so.
  2. Schedule your general travel clearance appointment. Call Group 1 or 2, or the central scheduling line at (858) 534-3300.
  3. Since many immunizations must be given a number of weeks prior to travel, we recommend scheduling your travel clinic visit at least 6-8 weeks before your departure. Call several weeks ahead to ensure appointment availability.  

Step 3: Complete the Health History Form

Complete the UCEAP/GS/AB required on-line Health History Form.

Go to MyStudentChart:

  • Click on your scheduled travel appointment and start the echeck-in process.
  • Complete the assigned questionnaire and attached forms.


EAP Travel


GS Travel


AB Travel


The cost for services varies based on the requirements for the country you will visit. The estimated costs for your travel appointments are listed on the information form for each country. These fees do not include the cost of immunizations, lab testing, or other diagnostic tests which may be required. See the Cost of Services* page for more information.

*Charges are based on the type of physical exam and travel clearance needed based on the requirements of the particular program. Also please note that these fees do not include charges for any ancillary testing such as labs, EKG's, X-rays, or the cost of travel medications.


If you have general questions regarding travel, please call 858-534-2918 during regular clinic hours.

Travel Links

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