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COVID-19 Testing

Symptomatic Testing

If you have new COVID-19 symptoms, you should test and mask right away.

  • PCR and rapid antigen COVID-19 test kits are available using vending machines located throughout campus.
    • All vending machine locations can be found on the map by selecting "Locations," "Services" and clicking on "COVID Test Kits”.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID in the previous 90 days, it is recommended to use an antigen test, NOT a PCR test, to detect re-infection.

To report your positive test result or for students with medical questions, contact the Student Health COVID team through MyStudentChart > Click on Menu > Communication > COVID Request. For severe symptoms, please go to the emergency room or call 9-1-1. Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) are available by calling (858) 534-3755. You may also find more information on the CAPS website.

Undergraduate students whose COVID-19 diagnosis disrupts their academic obligations are encouraged to contact their Dean of Student Affairs for support. 

Asymptomatic Testing

If you do NOT have symptoms but are at higher risk of severe COVID-19 infection and would benefit from treatment, you should test within 5 days of confirmed COVID-19 exposure.

If you have had a confirmed COVID-19 exposure and do NOT have symptoms but have contact with people who are at higher risk for severe infection, you should mask indoors and when around such people for 10 days. Consider testing within 5 days after the last exposure date (day 0) and prior to contact with higher risk people.

Reporting Outside Positive COVID-19 Tests

Students who’ve tested positive should send results to the SHS COVID team through MyStudentChart (Menu>Communication>COVID Request). Your message should include:

  • The date of your positive test.
  • The type of test used (rapid antigen or PCR).
  • The date your symptoms started, if applicable.
    • A picture of your test results is not required.
More info is available on the COVID-19 Campus Resources and Guidelines website.

What Should I do if I Test Positive for Covid?

UCSD students are recommended to stay home if COVID symptoms are present until no fever is present for 24 hours without using fever reducing medication AND other COVID symptoms are mild and improving. If no symptoms are present, recommendations include masking and avoiding contact with people at higher risk for severe COVID for 10 days. Students should continue to wear a face mask until the end of Day 10 regardless of whether symptoms are present, especially when indoors and anytime they are around others. See CDPH Respiratory Viruses for more information.

There are no isolation housing spaces or isolation housing options available on-campus. Students living on campus should remain in place, even if they share a room with others unless they can safely stay off campus (i.e., at home). Immunocompromised students should reach out to SHS for guidance via MyStudentChart (Menu > Communication > “Covid Request”). See HDH Updates for more information.

What Should I do if my Roommate/Suitemate Tests Positive for COVID-19?

If your roommate or other close contact tests positive and you do not have symptoms, you are not required to isolate. Instead, it is recommended that you monitor for symptoms and wear a mask around others. If you become symptomatic, it is recommended that you test yourself for COVID-19.

There are no isolation housing spaces or isolation housing options available on-campus. If you prefer not to stay in your room while your roommate is isolated, you can stay with local friends or relatives.

For additional resources, please visit the Environmental, Health, and Safety COVID-19 Information and Resources page.

COVID-19 Safety Tips

Individuals should assess their personal health status as well as that of those they live with or will be spending time with, and integrate healthy behaviors into their daily activities.


All students should take precautions to protect against getting sick, such as getting the COVID-19 vaccine and updated booster. Moreover, UCSD Health Services strongly encourages all members of the University community to follow vaccine recommendations adopted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Learn more about campus resources and guidelines at the Environmental, Health, and Safety Information and Resources page.


Masking is currently optional on campus, except in following situations:

  • Students with known exposure may return to campus but should be masked at ALL times for the 10 days immediately following exposure.
  • Positive students should continue to wear a face mask until the end of Day 10 regardless of whether symptoms are present, especially when indoors and anytime they are around others.
  • Negative students are encouraged to wear a mask while symptoms are present, especially when indoors and anytime they are around others.

Please be respectful of the masking choices of individuals and treat others with respect and civility. There is no place for harassment or bullying of anyone based on their masking choice. We should trust that they are making the best choice for their situation. 

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