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Please refer to the Return to Learn site for latest info on COVID-19.

COVID-19 Safety Tips

  • The new variant is easily transmitted with a clinical profile similar to Omicron. We are seeing an increase in cases—in San Diego and in the campus community.
  • Individuals need to assess their personal health status as well as that of those they live with or will be spending time with, and integrate health behaviors into their daily activities to stay healthy.

 Vaccination (primary vaccination and booster)

  • Effective in preventing hospitalization and death
  • Provides some reduction in the risk of infection, but infection despite full vaccination occurs.
  • Primary vaccination without boosting is less effective
  • Primary vaccination and booster doses are available at the Price Center
  • Chance of hospitalization and death is greater in the unvaccinated and those with underlying health conditions


  • Effective in reducing spread and the risk of acquiring an infection
  • KN95, N95 or a double mask (cloth + surgical mask)
  • Mask can be worn for 5 days of use, unless soiled or wet
  • On Campus required
    • Classrooms
    • Student Health, CAPS, and Price Center testing/vaccination site
    • Transportation
    • Residential student in Phase 1
  • Consider masking
    • Indoor settings with others
    • Outdoors in crowded settings
  • Keep a mask on hand at all times, when in doubt mask!


  • Symptoms—TEST—mask until results are back
  • Known exposure immediately and day 5
  • After attending a large person event, test 2 and 5 days later
  • Wastewater signals
  • Unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated—required twice a week if on campus

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