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Chaperone Information

What is a chaperone?

A trained healthcare professional present in the exam room to assist patients and providers in completing sensitive examinations. Chaperones can ensure patient comfort and provide reassurance throughout the exam.

What is a sensitive exam?

A sensitive examination or procedure includes the physical examination or a procedure involving the female breasts, rectum, or genitalia (male or female).

How do you request a chaperone?

A chaperone will always be present for any sensitive exam of the female breast, rectum or genitalia (male or female). Patients may request to have a chaperone present for ANY type of exam for any reason, including religious or cultural beliefs.

Do I have to have a chaperone?

Patient can decline a chaperone if they wish, however, the provider may choose not to complete the examination of a sensitive area if a chaperone is not present. You can discuss this option with your provider.

Can I request a chaperone of a specific gender?

Yes, every effort will be made to have a chaperone that is the gender the patient is the most comfortable with.

Do I have to complete my examination?

No, you may request to have the examination stopped at any time by informing the chaperone or provider.

How do I provide feedback or make comments about my examination or chaperone experience?

If you feel you would like to give feedback about your visit and/or examination, please fill out the survey or report.

UCSD Student Health Services Chaperone Policy