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Health Requirements for Students 2021-2022

The health of the individual can affect the health of the campus community, and UCSD is committed to protecting the well-being of all our students. All incoming and re-admitted graduate and undergraduate students are required to meet the UC Immunization and Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirements.

Please complete these requirements early to avoid delays. Clearance can take 7-10 days after receipt, so please start this process early!  FAILURE TO COMPLETE REQUIREMENTS WILL RESULT IN AN INABILITY TO ENROLL IN CLASSES.

To complete your Health Requirements, you will first need to activate your online health portal (using your Student AD) in My Student Chart. Please see the MyStudentChart Instructions (PDF) for further explanation on the setup process. You can communicate with the Nursing team here also by going to Ask-A-Nurse in messages. 

Complete the TB Risk Screening Questionnaire

Fall Undergraduate Deadline July 28th
Fall Graduate Deadline November 1st
Winter Undergraduate Deadline November 1st
Winter Graduate Deadline February 1st
Spring Undergraduate Deadline February 1st
Spring Graduate Deadline May 1st

All incoming students are required to complete a TB Risk Screening Questionnaire. For those at higher risk, TB testing will also be required. Please begin this process early to avoid delays. Take the following form to your Healthcare provider if you are directed to do so after completing the TB risk screening questionnaire: TB Assessment Questionnaire.

Complete the Immunization Requirements 

Fall Deadline September 20th, Hold placed November 1st
Winter Deadline February 1st
Spring Deadline May 1st

All incoming students are required to submit proof of specific vaccinations/immunizations as per the University of California mandate. You are required to obtain records OR have your healthcare provider fill out the Immunization Form.



Extension Students

  1. Sign up for MyStudentChart
  2. On the Home Page, click on TB & Immunization Requirements
  3. Click on TB Requirements, complete the TB Assessment Questionnaire and download the form for testing if indicated
  4. Take the form to a physician to perform TB testing
  5. Return to MyStudentChart and upload the form
  6. Click on Immunization Requirements
  7. Enter the dates of the required vaccines – MMR, Varicella, Tdap & Meningococcal Vaccines
  8. Upload a vaccine record, if you do not have one, take our Immunization Requirement Form to a physician to be filled in
  9. TB Testing and Immunizations are available to have at Student Health Services by clicking on Visits/Appointments in MyStudentChart and self-scheduling in Nurses Clinic
  10. Deadlines will be handled by your program dependent upon program start dates
  11. Please email Extension Program with any issues,

School of Medicine/Skaggs School of Pharmacy Students (Professional Schools)

As a School of Medicine or Skaggs School of Pharmacy student, you are required to fulfill additional Immunization and TB requirements. 

The Immunization and Tuberculosis testing forms must be taken to your Healthcare Provider, and laboratory proof of titers/Quantiferon testing/X-rays must also be uploaded with your forms.

Complete the Flu Vaccine Requirement

By UCOP mandate, all UCSD students who will be living on campus or coming to campus for work or learning during the 2020-2021 academic year will be required to document the receipt of a flu vaccine. This mandate will be enforced beginning November 16, 2020. Additional information can be found by reviewing the Influenza Vaccine Student Q&A.

  • If you have received the flu vaccine, at the Price Center or at Student Health after September 1, this has been documented in your student medical record and you are compliant. 
  • If you have received the vaccine outside of UCSD Student Health and outside of UCSD Health, you need to attest that you have received the vaccine and input the date it was administered. 
  • Please go to your MyStudentChart Home Page, go to Health -> Preventative Care-> Scroll to find the Influenza Vaccine -> Click Mark as Complete -> enter the date you received the vaccine and Accept. Vaccine is marked as completed (you may need to refresh your browser to see this).
  • If you are requesting an exemption for the flu vaccine for a medical/disability or religious exemption, please fill out the following form:
  • You need to send your completed form to The form will be reviewed, and you will be notified if the request has been accepted.

Incoming Health Requirements with Nurse Annie Horton

June 1, 2021


For all health questions, you will first need to log on to MyStudentChart and send a Message to "Ask-a-Nurse". Please be patient as we process a high volume of questions around deadlines.

For technical questions, email (Strictly no health information should be sent to this email address).