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Alcohol Discriminates


beach drinking

Ability to metabolize alcohol

Guys produce more of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol than you do. Because of this, up to 30% more alcohol leaves your stomach and enters your blood stream. So, if you and a guy of equal weight drank the same amount of alcohol, your blood alcohol content would be higher. You process alcohol more slowly; so the effects take longer to wear off.

​Ability to dilute alcohol

You have less water in your body than men do. This means that alcohol is less diluted. You will notice more effect than a male of the same body weight and body type who drank the same amount of alcohol.​

Hormonal factors

Premenstrual hormonal changes cause intoxication to set in faster during the days right before a woman gets her period. Alcohol increases estrogen levels. Birth control pills or other medicine with estrogen increase intoxication. Alcohol consumption also increases the risk of being a victim of sexual assault.


Think you're aggressive now? 

Alcohol can make you more aggressive. Tempers can flare and arguments and fights can start over stupid things. Be aware that when you drink, you are more likely to make choices that put you at risk, or do things you might regret.


Alcohol increases estrogen levels in men. Chronic alcoholism has been associated with loss of body hair and muscle mass, development of swollen breasts and shrunken testicles, and impotence.

Source: Eastern Ontario Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership​